apollon.som.utilities module


  1. Michael Blaß, 2016

Utilites for self.organizing maps.

activation_map Plot activation map distance_map Plot a distance map distance_map3d Plot a 3d distance map
apollon.som.utilities.activation_map(som, **kwargs)
apollon.som.utilities.decrease_expo(start, step, stop=1)

Exponentially decrease start in step steps to stop.

apollon.som.utilities.decrease_linear(start, step, stop=1)

Linearily decrease start in step steps to stop.

apollon.som.utilities.umatrix(weights, dxy, metric='euclidean')

Compute unified distance matrix.

weights (ndarray) SOM weights matrix. dxy (tuple) metric (str) Metric to use.
Returns:(ndarray) unified distance matrix.