apollon.onsets module

apollon/onsets.py – Onset detection routines.

OnsetDetector Base class for onset detection. EntropyOnsetDetector Onset detection based on phase pace entropy estimation. FluxOnsetDetector Onset detection based on spectral flux.
peak_picking Identify local peaks in time series. evaluate_onsets Evaluation of onset detection results given ground truth.
class apollon.onsets.EntropyOnsetDetector(inp: numpy.ndarray, delay: int = 10, m_dims: int = 3, bins: int = 10, n_perseg: int = 1024, hop_size: int = 512, pp_params=None)

Bases: apollon.onsets.OnsetDetector

Detect onsets based on entropy maxima.

  • inp – Audio signal.
  • delay – Embedding delay.
  • m_dim – Embedding dimension.
  • bins – Boxes per axis.
  • n_perseg – Length of segments in samples.
  • hop_size – Displacement in samples.
  • smooth – Smoothing filter length.
class apollon.onsets.FluxOnsetDetector(inp: numpy.ndarray, fps: int, window: str = 'hamming', n_perseg: int = 2048, hop_size: int = 441, cutoff=(80, 10000), n_fft: int = None, pp_params=None)

Bases: apollon.onsets.OnsetDetector

Onset detection based on spectral flux.

  • inp
  • stft_params – Parameters for the STFT
  • pp_params – Peak picking paraneters
params() → dict
class apollon.onsets.OnsetDetector

Bases: object

Onset detection base class.

Subclasses have to implement an __init__ method to take in custom arguments. It necessarily has to call the base classes __init__ method. Additionally, subclasses have to implement a custom onset detection function named _odf. This method should return an one-dimensional ndarray.

index() → numpy.ndarray

Compute onset index.

Onset values are centered within the detection window.

Returns:Onset position in samples
times(fps: int) → numpy.ndarray

Compute time code im ms for each onset give the sample rate.

Parameters:fps – Sample rate.
Returns:Time code of onsets.
apollon.onsets.evaluate_onsets(targets: Dict[str, numpy.ndarray], estimates: Dict[str, numpy.ndarray]) → Tuple[float, float, float]

Evaluate onset detection performance.

This function uses the mir_eval package for evaluation.

  • targets – Ground truth onset times, with dict keys being file names, and values being target onset time codes in ms.
  • estimates – Estimated onsets times, with dictkeys being file names, and values being the estimated onset time codes in ms.

Precison, recall, f-measure.

apollon.onsets.peak_picking(odf: numpy.ndarray, post_window: int = 10, pre_window: int = 10, alpha: float = 0.1, delta: float = 0.1) → numpy.ndarray

Pick local maxima from a numerical time series.

Pick local maxima from the onset detection function odf, which is assumed to be an one-dimensional array. Typically, odf is the Spectral Flux per time step.

odf: Onset detection function, e.g., Spectral Flux. post_window: Window lenght to consider after now. pre_window: Window lenght to consider before now. alpha: Smoothing factor. Must be in ]0, 1[. delta: Difference to the mean.
Returns:Peak indices.